Our Artists

We employ more than 50 full time artists, with more available for large projects - all of whom hold advanced degrees in fine arts. We only recruit the most talented artists - each of our painters possesses over fifteen years of relevant experience. Collectively, our artists embody a range of enormous depth, discipline and talent that makes us the most attractive art hub in the world. As a testament to their expertise, our paintings have been displayed in famous museums, corporate offices and five star hotels.

There are 5 artists in the team, we create, recreate, work together, have fun together, the most important thing, we have been building our dream and future with endless passion and inspirations.

Amanda, designer and owner of canvasbibi.com, a mom to a 6-year old boy. She spends the most of time on customer service and communications, pre and after sales, shop promote in oversea market. And she created the most of minimal art on the website.

Biao, a difficult person to work with, it's not about his personality, it's all because of the way he works, alway full of ideas, try all the best to make things perfect. That's why he always work overtime, fortunately, he loves to stay in the studio.

Dao, a self-taught artist, paints abstract and landscape. He was an engineer, decided to be a full-time painter since 2008, that needed a big courage to quit a high-paid job and start something new as a career, anyway, he did it, and he is doing so great, living a good life and being himself.

Leo, paints palette knife painting, very creative, he is very serious person, not funny at all, don't talk too much, stay in the studio all the time and fall in love with colors like crazy. He is good, but he is bored, LOL :-)

LinXing, a father of twins, he is a family guy, don't go out much. His career started at 8, can you imagine a little boy tried to sell his master pieces to neighbors? LOL, that was lovely! He always want to become a great artist, I think he already did it.

Each artist in our team is talented in certain subjects or technics, we paint every single piece of art carelfully, slowly, we expand our business by reputation.

We value our artists and provide them with the best environment and materials, keeping our employee retention rates very high - some of our painters have been with us for more than a decade! This allows up to offer our returning customers the option to request a particular artist they’ve worked with before, year after year.

Our average artist is a university graduate with an advanced degree in art who, apart from working for our company, also develops his own portfolio of original art. The average age of our artists is 35. The youngest is just 27 years old and the oldest above 60. Our artists tend to specialize in a certain style or in works of a certain master - such as Van Gogh or Da Vinci, and as such we commission orders to the artist who is most likely to do the best job.